plan B PA Services

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Plan B PA Services, run by Jo Podd, is that trusted go-for person for your every need whether personal or business. They can help diary management, secretarial services, event planning… In fact, the list is so long, that you will need to visit their website to see all of their services.

Jo had a very clear idea of how she wanted the website to look and the necessary content. In fact, Jo had put together some mockups with these ideas in place.

We took the mockups and built a one-page WordPress site. By using WordPress, Jo was able to update the site herself. Some of the sections have been created as blog posts so to update them, it is as simple as creating a new blog entry.

The Sunningdale Academy

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The Sunningdale Academy offers weekend classes for small groups of children and teenagers. They focus on social skills, etiquette, health & wellbeing and more. Their classes are taught by leading specialists.

We were approached to build a website which was clean, neat, simple and straightforward to use.  The site needed to be easy to navigate and without too much content. A graphic design was used to create a new logo and a style guide.

Based on that brief, using WordPress, we built a site that allowed the end-user to find the information they required quickly and easily. We enhanced the functionality of the site by using a dedicated events plugin which is used to display a list of upcoming courses. By using WordPress, the site owner is able to maintain the site themselves.

The Burns Unit tlc

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The Burns Unit tlc was created by Paul Burns to help advertising agencies, communication organisations, and marketing departments unleash their creativity. Paul spent 25 years at Saatchi & Saatchi looking after client business. He became their Training Director and first Director of Knowledge Practices, sitting on the main Management Board of the Agency.

Paul built the original Burns Unit website himself. The websites had various issues including poor SEO and lack of responsiveness. We performed an initial analysis to identify the source of the issues. Primarily, these were due to the fact that the original site contained lots of images.

We rebuilt the website, converting from images to CSS stylesheets. A number of standard styles were defined for use across the site. This improved the SEO as the new page were indexable by Search Engines and the style sheets were used to implement responsive design.