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We are Lens Digital; a Website Design Agency based in Ascot, Berkshire specialising in WordPress web design, WordPress development, and WordPress maintenance. We work with our clients to make the process of having and supporting a website easy and seamless to their business.

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WordPress v5 Gutenberg – Thoughts

Background InformationThe Community SpeaksShould I upgrade?Final Thoughts Background Information Gutenberg is the code name of the new editor which has been built into WordPress v5. This has replaced the ‘classic’ editor which itself was based on TinyMCE. WordPress v5 was released into the wild on the 6th December. The release was not without controversy. Some…

Gutenberg: WordPress v5 – Useful Resources

The default “visual editor” in WordPress is TinyMCE and was introduced in WP v2.0 back in 2005. With the advancement of some of the editors for companies like Wix and Squarespace, it was felt that the WP editor was being left behind. In v5 of WordPress, this has changed with the introduction of a new…

How we improved a WordPress website load time

We were recently contacted by a client who wanted help with their WordPress website. We performed a full site audit and found out one of the main issues was the performance of the site. The site was taking nearly 4 seconds to load with a page size of over 3mb. As Google is increasingly using…

Trello for WordPress Website Development

Recently, someone asked on a Facebook group for advice on how people use project management tools such as Trello whilst developing WordPress websites. I gave a quick answer but thought I would write a blog post with some more detail in it. We have a Trello board for each client. For our boards, we use a Kanban…

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