10 Sources of Web Design Inspiration

Web Design Inspiration

When we are approached to build a website, we always ask the client if they have a company style guide. For our smaller clients, they don’t generally have this so we ask if they have any web design inspiration that they would like included in their website.

We have listed below our favourite websites that can be used for design inspiration when building a website.



Screenshot of coolors website

At the click of a button, Coolors will generate you a five colour palette. You can just keep generating colour schemes until you find one you like,

Color Palettes

Screenshot of Color Palettes website

Colour Palettes takes a different approach in that they take a photograph and show the colour palette within that photograph.


Google Fonts

Screenshot of Google Fonts website

As Comic Sans is no longer the go to font for web design, Google Fonts is the first choice when looking for inspiration for your typography.


WordPress Themes

Screenshot of WordPress Themes website

As we build all of our websites using WordPress, the theme directory is a great place to start when looking for a starting point.



Screenshot of Pexels website

Using stock photos on your website can give it a generic feel and is generally frowned upon. However, when starting the discussions about inspiration, stock photos sites are a good place to start.


I will group all of the next set of websites together. They are all ‘portfolio’ sites of differing types. If you are looking for ideas in your market sector, or looking for the latest design trends, then these websites are for you.


Screenshot of Dribbble website


Screenshot of Behance website

One Page Love

Screenshot of One Page Love website


Screenshot of Pinterest website


Screenshot of Awwwards website

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