Choosing The Right Platform For Your Website

Website Builders

There are a number of different Website Builder products on the market. They make claims like;

“Getting online has never been easier”

“No coding skills needed”

“Quick and easy. You will be online in minutes”

Are they all that they claim to be? Recently, we have been contacted by people who have had problems with different services. Their issues included the lack of support and the inability to migrate to another web host.

A website builder can help you get online quick and easily with no coding skills but before you do ask the following questions;

  • If I have a problem, what support is available?
  • Will it be able to grow with my business? For example, if I need to add e-commerce at later date, is this possible?
  • If I am unable with the web host, how easy is it to migrate to another platform?


At Lens Digital, we use WordPress to build our websites. WordPress is independent of any web host so if you are unhappy with them, you can move your website. 

The other advantage of WordPress is that it is used to power 32% of the web. This means that there is lots of support available; both free and paid. In fact, stats behind WordPress are impressive;

  • 32% of the Internet Runs on WordPress
  • 70 million new posts are created on WordPress each month
  • There are now 54,452 WordPress plugins


We Can Help

Before you start to build your website, it is always worth doing the research and seeking advice. We are always happy to have a no-obligation chat about the various options. Get in touch and talk to us about your website project.

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