Displaying A Popup Message on A WordPress Website

Install Plugin

First step is to add the Popup Maker plugin, navigate to Plugins > Add New and then search for “Popup Maker”.

Popup Maker - Install Plugin

The install process has two steps; the first step installs it and then second activates it. Click “Install Now”, then “Activate”.

You should now see the plugin in the Plugins > Installed Plugins menu option;

Popup Maker - Installed Plugin

It will also add a new Popup Maker plugin to the left hand menu.

Create Popup

From the left hand menu, click Popup Maker > Add Popup. This will take you to the Add New Popup screen;

Popup Maker - popup text

Firstly, give your popup a meaningful name, this can be anything as it is not displayed to the user. Then give your popup a title and enter the appropriate message in the text box. The text box has the usual styling option available.

The next stage is to setup the conditions for when the popup is displayed. This can be done via the Popup Settings section further down the page;

Popup Maker - Add trigger

Click “Add New Trigger” to bring up the dialog;

Popup Maker - Adding trigger

Change the dropdown to “Time Delay / Auto Open” and then click Add followed by Add again.

Select Targeting within Popup Settings to decide where the popup is displayed;

Popup Maker - Targeting

From this dropdown, you can set the conditions on which the popup is displayed. This can be on certain pages or posts or perhaps all pages. It also enables you to decide whether to display the popup on mobile devices.

Once you have done all of the above, click Publish and your popup is now live.

This is a very simple guide. If you have any specific questions / issues, drop me an email on hello@wearelens.co.uk and I will update the guide.