Gutenberg: WordPress v5 (Useful Resources)

The default “visual editor” in WordPress is TinyMCE and was introduced in WP v2.0 back in 2005. With the advancement of some of the editors for companies like Wix and Squarespace, it was felt that the WP editor was being left behind.

In v5 of WordPress, this has changed with the introduction of a new editor called Gutenberg. This editor introduces blocks. Before everything was contained in one big HTML file. Now, you build your page up from a series of blocks.

Rather than writing another tutorial on Gutenberg, we have curated a number of resources to help you get going.

About Gutenberg

Installing Gutenberg

As of November 2018, WordPress v5 has not yet been released so there are two ways to try Gutenberg.

When v5 is released, Gutenberg will be part of the core and can be updated by the WordPress dashboard.

If you want to have a play with Gutenberg, try the Testing Gutenberg website.

Gutenberg Documentation

Gutenberg Dedicated Sites

Gutenberg Compatible Themes

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