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Improving SEO Rankings – Part 2

Getting Started

For Part 1, click here.

The first task at hand was to understand the current SEO setup for the site so out comes a Google Sheet. We used the WordPress Plugin – Export All URLs to enable us to download a list of all of the web pages with their URLs and Titles. We then manually added the descriptions until we had something like this;

As you can see the title for the home page is “Digital Agency For Small Business”

Title vs H1

Before we go any further, its time for a quick explanation. The title is the text that is used for the link in the Google entry;

So “About Us – Lens Digital” is the title for the “About” page.

Also, on this page are a number of headings, in HTML terms, they are H1 through to H6. This is what the user sees. It has an influence on the SEO ranking but we will deal with those at a later date.


As you can see in the spreadsheet, the top entry for the homepage is “Digital Agency for Small Businesses”. It does not contain all of the keywords that we want. The plan is to change it to;

Website Design Agency, Ascot, Berkshire – Lens Digital

and then the other pages, for example, will be changed to;

About Us – Website Design Agency, Ascot, Berkshire – Lens Digital

For the moment, the blog entries will be dealt with separately so they will be left alone for now.


As Google will take some time to update the results, we will do another post with the results. Also, whilst looking at the Google results for our site using “”. We can see that Google has been indexing a lot of our demo and test sites. Even sites that have only existed for a day or two.

We plan to address this by creating two new subdomains;

  • for showcasing our work
  • for our development work and client proposals

“dev” will be set so that it will not be indexed by Google and “demo” will be. We are not sure what effect this will have on the SEO but it will make our Google entries “cleaner”.