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Improving SEO Rankings – Part 3

For Part 2, click here.

Changes So Far

As mentioned in part 2, the first stage was to improve the page titles to include some of the main keywords. These have been changed;

As you can see, the entries now have “Website Design Agency, Ascot, Berkshire – Lens Digital” add to them. We have also been doing some work on the Google Search Console to ensure that the site is correctly indexed. As per this article, we now have four versions of the site defined; www (http), www (https), non-www (http) and non-www (https);

SEO Results

The search engine rankings have now gone from;

How the various Search Engine Rankings compare for Lens Digital

to this;

Improved Search Engine Rankings compare for Lens Digital

As you can see quite an improvement, for “Lens Digital Ascot”, we are number 1 for Yahoo and Bing and number 3 for Google. In reality, that is probably as high as we can get for that term. The higher two entries on Google relate to us anyway so that is fine.

We are now appearing on page 3 for “digital agency ascot” across all 3 search engines. Given that we weren’t ranking on two of them previously, that is not bad. However, for some reason, we are still not ranking for “website design ascot”.

The Plan

The plan is to now start to work on the content beginning with the homepage. In SEO terms, there is not much content on the homepage. We plan to add some more sections so that it becomes a summary page of the services we offer along with links to the pages with the full content on them.

We also want to try and understand the lack of ranking for “website design ascot”. This is going to be a highly competitive term so this one could be harder to rank one.