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Improving SEO Rankings – Part 4

If you missed the last installment, click here.


Since the last installment, a couple of things have happened. Firstly is that we got an amazing Google Review;

This help to give the site social proof and to build trust. For more information on how Google Reviews can help with SEO, have a read of this article.

We have also revamped our home page. The previous version was a simple hero image with a Call To Action. We have now added a section with the founding of the company along with a services section. These are both still work in progress but we now have a foundation to build on.


The results so far are amazing. From a position of not ranking for “website design ascot”, we are now up to sixth on Google – quite comfortably on the first page. For “digital agency ascot”, we are second across the board and for our own company name, we are either first or second.

Updated SEO Rankings

You may have noticed that we also added so extra search terms to our monitoring. These terms are ones that relate to our core business; “custom website”, “fixed priced website” and “free website audit”. We have already rewritten the Fixed Price Website page which has seen us slot in on the second page.

The Plan

Given that we have already hit most of our goals, the plan now is to focus on our new keywords. First off though, we will finish off the work on the homepage to adjust the copy there. Alongside that, we will update the copy on the individual service pages. Again, some of these keywords are popular so it will be interesting to see how high we can rank.

We also plan to do some more analysis on the search terms being used to include those in our work.