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Improving SEO Rankings – Part 1

We here at Lens Digital are big fans of Matt Giovanisci and his Money Lab. As Matt himself says, “Money Lab is where I challenge myself to make more of what I love: money.” Some of the experiments are about launching new products whilst others seek to improve existing products.

One of his latest ones has caught our eye; The SEO Impossible Experiment where he is attempting to rank on the first page of Google for a highly competitive keyword which is “Affiliate Marketing”. The reason for this is that one of the other experiments was to create an Affiliate plugin for WordPress called Earnist.

This got us thinking about SEO. Most companies set up their titles and descriptions for SEO and then leave them alone. They are never revisited, never tweaked or adjusted.

Our Challenge

Inspired by Matt, we are going to undertake our own SEO challenge to seek to improve the ranking of Lens Digital. The terms we are seeking to rank higher on are obviously related to our core business which are;

  • Web Design
  • Digital Agency
  • Lens Digital – well, we need to rank high for our own company name.

As we are, initially, seeking to work with local businesses, we are including our base location of Ascot in those terms. Although Google has over 90% Search Engine market share (Bing 6%, Yahoo 2%), we will be tracking our results across all three search engines.

The Plan – Benchmark

The first stage is to work out where we are at the moment. Using SERPmojo, we can track where we currently are against those search terms. Therefore our benchmark is;

How the various Search Engine Rankings compare for Lens Digital

As you can see, we are ranking high on the less used search engines but not at all (in the first ten pages) for Google.

The Plan – Research

At Lens Digital, we understand SEO but are not experts in it. The first port of call is to start to understand the real nuances of SEO and rankings. What factors influence it? How important are the different factors? What is the relevance of the different types of HTML headings (H1, H2)? Once we have a deeper understanding of these elements, we can start to put together a more detailed plan.

The Plan – Document

We plan to document everything we do so we will know what the various elements were when we started and the changes that we have made over time. Not everything we do will be successful so it is important to know what we did and when.


The reason for this challenge is to start to understand in more detail the ‘black art’ of SEO. At Lens Digital, we are always looking at ways of improving ourselves as individuals and growing the business. The lessons we learn from this exercise will then be used for our clients and hopefully, to help them develop and grow as a business.

There are companies out there that claim to be able to get you on the front page of Google for your chosen search term. Some of their methods may be described as dubious at best but we will not be resorting to any of this. Everything we do will be above board and done in a positive way.

Wish us luck…..