Is your website ready for 2024? 

Every year, you check and service your car. Why not your website?​ In this blog post, we take a look at simple actions you can take to ensure that your website is ready for the New Year.

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Check That It Is working

The first check is the most simple and the most overlooked – check that the website is working. Visit every page on the website and check that all of the pages are functioning as expected. Are there any errors? Any missing images? Are any pages taking longer to load than others?

There are tools that can help you do automated checks but you can just do this manually with a simple visual check. 

Broken links

There is nothing more frustrating than clicking on a link on a website and getting the dreaded 404 error.

There is a simple tool that you can do to find any broken link – both internal and external. Enter your website URL in the Broken Link Checker and it will report back which pages have broken links and what the links are. 

Check Contact Details

Check that all of the contact information on your website is correct, especially if you have named staff. Do they still work for the company? Have you moved address or opened a new office?

Once you have checked that it is correct, make sure that it works – send a test email, submit the contact form. Don’t assume.

Review Content

Are your products and services current? Do your blog post contain up to date information? Have you updated your branding?

For any out of date content, you have three choices; rewrite, delete or merge. Don’t be afraid of deleting content that is of no use. It is important to think of the user journey – provide content that is of use.

Check Website Page Load Speed

You have 5 seconds to grab your users attention. You don’t want the bulk of this to be taken up with a slow loading webpage. It is important that your webpages load within a reasonable amount of time. Two seconds is usually considered the benchmark.

Use Google PageSpeed Insights to understand the page load speed and where the time is taken to load the web page.

Check That WordPress Is Up To Date

If you have a WordPress based website, then it is important to regularly update Core / Themes and Plugins. An out of date WordPress website is at risk of being hacked and having bugs. 

If you have a small, low traffic website, then you could set updates to happen automatically. There is a risk that things could go wrong but this risk is preferable to your website being hacked. No matter which way you do it, we recommend that you take regular backups

Review Google Analytics

Google Analytics can give you an understanding of how visitors are interacting with your website. It can show you which are the most popular webpage and conversely, which pages have no visitors.

Again, you can use this information to improve your website content. You can merge pages / posts that have similar content or perhaps delete posts that have no visitors.

Plan For The Year Ahead

Once you are sure that your website is performing correctly, you can start to plan for the year ahead.

Do you have a new product / service that you are launching? How are planning to support your existing business? Do you need more content to explain your services? Come up with a plan so that you are making changes throughout the year to keep your website content relevant for your website visitors.

We Can Help

If you need assistance with your website in 2024, then we can help. Contact us to arrange a no-obligation chat.

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