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wishbone kitchen

Meredith Hayden, the creator behind WishBoneKitchen on TikTok, is a private chef in the Hamptons. Her Tiktok account has 1.2m followers and 27.5m likes. If you are not down with kids and following her work, you can read more about her in this Daily Mail article.

Despite her massive following on TikTok, she has just launched her own website. In a video posted to TikTok , she said “that as a content creator it was important to own your own IP”.

Wishbone Kitchen

It is important to realise that if you build your business on Social Media, you have to play by the rules of whatever platform you are on and in essence, they control your business. By having her own website, she is control of what she can do with it. She can monetise it how she wants and link to whatever content she wants without restrictions.

In the US, there is already a partial ban on TikTok in certain areas such as Military and Government. It also looks like a total ban may be on the cards.

Now obviously with such as massive following on TikTok, she won’t be moving away from it anytime time soon but with her own website, she is in more control of her brand. This is even more important with the turmoil over at Twitter and the recent decline at Facebook.

Always own your own island – it is the one place you can be in control of.

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