The Risks of Automated Instagram Tools

There is an increasing number of automation tools that will help you to grow your Instagram followers. They generally work by monitoring certain hashtags then commenting and liking photographs with that hashtag and following the associated account.

An easy way to increase your Instagram audience, right.

Sort of. The problem with this kind of tool is that it cannot know what sort of photo it is commenting on and liking.

I recently experienced this when someone commented “ Simply gorgeous :-)” on one of my photographs. Now, this photograph was far from gorgeous. It was a photograph of an overzealous security guard at a public event. This Instagram user had set up the automation tool to find a specific hashtag and then to comment. It didn’t matter that the comment was not relevant to the photograph, the tool had done its job.

Now, will I follow this person back, No. They haven’t shown interest in my account. My account is just another number to them.

Growing social media accounts takes time and effort. Post engaging content with the appropriate hashtags and your audience will grow organically. After all, what would you rather have 100 engaged followers and 1000 non-engaged followers?

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