Should You Host Your Own Blog?

When we started Lens Digital, one of the things we knew we wanted to do was to have a blog. The main purpose of it would be to share our thoughts on Web Design, Social Media and a splash of Project Management. Secondary to this was the fact that we wanted to improve our SEO and bring in new clients.

The first choice for hosting the blog was Medium. It is a great platform; simple to use, clean design and host to one of our favourite blogs – Signal vs Noise – so that is where we set up our blog. We still displayed the content on our website through a WordPress plugin called Display Medium Posts. After a while, we had a look at the stats on Medium. Unfortunately, they were not getting the reads that we expected and nobody was clicking through to our website.

In hindsight, Medium was not the best platform for our blog. Firstly, our intended initial client base are sole traders and small businesses based in our local area. Given that niche, the likelihood of them reading our articles is quite slim. The second reason is that we are missing out on traffic as you can only read the articles on Medium. The initial goal of improving our SEO wasn’t being achieved due to this.

We have now decided that we are going to host the blog ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, we love Medium and will still be publishing some of the articles there so that we can reach a wider audience but it will not be our primary platform (for the moment).

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