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Stackable Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg is the new editor that came with the release of WordPress version 5 and with it came blocks. Blocks are the new way to layout a post or page in WordPress. Whilst there are set of standard blocks, a number of developers have created plugins with a whole new set blocks.

WordPress v5 Gutenberg (Our Thoughts)

Gutenberg is the code name of the new editor which has been built into WordPress v5. This has replaced the ‘classic’ editor which itself was based on TinyMCE. On the 6th December 2019, WordPress v5 was released into the wild .

Gutenberg: WordPress v5 (Useful Resources)

The default “visual editor” in WordPress is TinyMCE and was introduced in WP v2.0 back in 2005. With the advancement of some of the editors for companies like Wix and Squarespace, it was felt that the WP editor was being left behind.