Our Top 5 WordPress Plugins

At Lens Digital, WordPress is our go-to platform for building websites. We aim to keep each installation as light as possible with the minimum number of installed WordPress plugins. However, we do have a number of plugins that we install by default. Whilst these not all of these enhance the front-end user experience, they are important to ensure the smooth operation of the website.

So without further ado, here are our top 5 WordPress plugins;



Backup, Backup, Backup — rule number 1 in computing. Rule number 2 is regularly test your backups. There is no point in having backups only to find out that at a critical point, for whatever reason, it is unusable. These are lessons that we have learnt the hard way and don’t plan to learn them again. This plugin enables us to do offsite backups either to our own FTP servers or into the cloud with a provider such as DropBox. The settings allow you to set the frequency and the retention of backups. The premium version allows you to backup to multiple destinations. 

WordPress Plugin - Updraft Plus



A common misconception about hackers is that they are loners sat in their bedrooms trying to gain access to your website – anyone remember the film WarGames. The reality is that hacking, especially of WordPress websites, is done on an industrial scale. The excellent WordFence blog has documented this on several occasions; Large Scale Attack Campaign Targets Database Credentials and One Attacker Outpaces All Others. If you want to keep until with issues regarding WordPress security, then it is worth subscribing to the blog.

Security on a WordPress website starts with a few basic principle; keep your site updated, use strong passwords and install a security plugin such as Wordfence.

At its core, WordFence has a Web Application Firewall (WAF). A WAF identifies and blocks malicious traffic. Release of rules within the free version are delayed by 30 days, whereas the premium version is updated immediately. Another useful feature is the two factor authentication (2FA) using an additional authentication to prevent unauthorised access.


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