Trello for WordPress Website Development

Recently, someone asked on a Facebook group for advice on how people use project management tools such as Trello whilst developing WordPress websites. I gave a quick answer but thought I would write a blog post with some more detail in it.

We have a Trello board for each client. For our boards, we use a Kanban style and we lay the board out as follows;

Using Trello to manage a WordPress project

The names of the lists should be self-explanatory apart from, perhaps, Inspiration. This is where we place any links or information relating to the look and feel of the website. The design will already be complete at this point but we will need access to photos, colors, and fonts. Inspiration is where we will find that information.

All of the boards are created manually when we need them but you could get smart by using tools to automatically populate your board for you.

A very simple solution to stay on top of your WordPress development projects.

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