When Did You Last Review Your Website?

A website is never done

When was the last time you did a review your website? No, a proper review, not just a quick check. Have you checked how people are interacting with it? Are they using the website in ways that you intended? What are the popular pages?

It is important to take time to review how users are navigating through your website. One way is to have a look at your Google Analytics / Google Search Console data. This is the best way to find out how visitors are coming to your website and what pages they are visiting.

What this information doesn’t tell you is how they interact with the website once they are there. Hotjar is a tool which helps you to “See how visitors are really using your website, collect user feedback and turn more visitors into customers.”

We recently decided to use Hotjar to review our website. First, we had a look at the heat map of the homepage;

Review you website with a Hotjar heatmap

The heat map was reviewed and we saw that the most common link that was clicked was “Our Work”. When the website was originally built, we thought that most of our visitors would have been interested in our services. We made this the first menu item and put our focus there.

Website is done
False. A website is never done.

Once we had discovered how visitors we actually using our website, we have made changes to reflect this. We changed the navigation menu so that this option was at the start. We also revamped the page to ensure that we are showing our work in the best light.

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