Why We Don’t Offer Website Hosting Services

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At Lens Digital, we do not offer website hosting services and here are the reasons why;

1. Most web design agencies that offer hosting do not provide the service themselves. They are just reselling someone else’s service and adding a markup for no added value.

2. By signing you up to ‘their’ website hosting, web design agencies are trying to tie you in to their services. If you are not happy with the agency, then you are having to move your website to a new web host.

3. Website hosting is a specialist service and requires resource and knowledge to provide it. Most web agencies do not have the skill or knowledge to provide a good service to their clients.

We believe in working with good website hosting companies that provide a great level of service for our clients. It gives us (and our clients) that the piece of mind that their website will be looked after by hosting specialists.

By using different a web design agency and website hosting company, it keeps you in control.

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