This tweet about Wix, which recently came up in our timeline, caught our attention.

The advert in question is this one;

Initially, we didn’t believe that this was true so we headed over to What WordPress Theme is That and plugged in the url of the Wix Blog.

There it was. The blog uses WordPress and some of the plugins that it used.

Analysis of Wix Blog - running on WordPress

If you look in detail, you will also see that they are running v7.7.3 of the Yoast SEO plugin – that version was released in July 2018. The current version is 9.5.0. Perhaps they need to signup to one of our WordPress Maintenance Plans.

Now why does this matter? Wix bills itself as;

The Best Place to Create the Website You Want

Surely if you have the confidence in your own product then that is the one that you use for your own business, not your competitors.

Now we are not knocking their choice in choosing WordPress for their blog as we use it all the time. It is just that it is a strange decision given that you are in direct competition to WordPress.

We have already written a blog post on why we have chosen WordPress as the platform that we develop all of our websites on.

If you want to follow Wix and host your website / blog on WordPress, then please do get in touch and we will help you do that quickly and easily.

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