We were recently contacted by a client who wanted help with their WordPress website. We performed a full site audit and found out one of the main issues was the performance of the site. The site was taking nearly 4 seconds to load with a page size of over 3mb. As Google is increasingly using page speed as a ranking factor, especially for mobiles, (source) it was important to get the load time as low as possible.

We tuned the WordPress installation to lower the load time to approx 1.5 seconds. Using a measuring tool such as GTMetrix, it was possible to measure and visualise the improvements.

WordPress Performance Improvements

We have also made further recommendations to the client on how they can improve the usability of the site.

If you need help with your WordPress site, we would be more than happy to perform an audit of your site. Drop us a line via the Contact page to see how we can help.

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