Yell website powered by Wix – but they use WordPress

Yell is a digital agency and online marketing company based in the UK. They were originally the Yellow Pages which as part of British Telecom produced a business telephone directory. They later produced an online business directory and were then sold to be a separate company.

Yell Smart Website (Powered By Wix)

Yell originally had their own website builder called Moonfruit which was built using Adobe Flash but due to this being discontinued by Adobe they had to seek another solution. They formed a partnership with Wix and so now their Smart Websites are “powered by Wix”.

Yell Business - Powered By Wix

Yell Business (Powered by WordPress)

As web designers, we always try to see what our competition have to offer and so we had a look at the Yell product offer was. As they were in partnership with Wix, we presumed that they would have built their own website using it. We ran their website through one of the CMS detectors and were surprised to find that the Yell website is built using WordPress.

Now we shouldn’t really be surprised about this, as for a while Wix used WordPress for one of the their websites. 

Yell Business - WordPress

At Lens Digital, we are big fans of WordPress and what it has to offer so we are not surprised that Yell has chosen it as the platform for their own website. 

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