Looking for a
Bracknell SEO Expert?

To find this web page, you probably did a Google search for “SEO Bracknell”.

In fact, we only created this page to
show the power of search engine optimisation (SEO).

It is not linked to from anywhere in the site.

“Google uses over 200 factors to determine a web pages ranking position”

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) ?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the name given to the work undertaken to improve the search engine position (ranking) of a  website.

Some work is performed on the whole of the website such as ensuring the site has a SSL certificate, XML Sitemap and tweaking server performance.

At page level, SEO involves making sure that the page loads in less than 2 seconds, is structured correctly and has optmised content.

What are the benefits of SEO?

Improved Brand Visibility

By improving your ranking, you are making your website (and your brand) more visible to your potential clients.

There is no point in having an amazing brand, product or website if you are currently on page 5. You will have very little visibility. 

More Organic

By increasing visibility, you increase the chance of getting more organic search traffic to your website.


Leads and Sales

Once you have improved your SEO ranking and have more traffic, you then have increased chance of converting this visitors into clients.

Why do Bracknell companies need SEO services?

Bracknell is a growing town in the East of Berkshire. It is becoming more important for businesses in Bracknell to be able to be seen before their competitors in search engine listings.

Some facts;

  • Currently, the population of Bracknell, Berkshire is approximately 85,000 people (source: Wikipedia).
  • There are 40 companies in Bracknell, Berkshire which each employ at least 250 people.
  • Data from the ONS shows there were 61,900 employees in Bracknell Forest in 2015.

“Lens Digital:
Web Design / SEO Agency”

Who built this Bracknell SEO
web page?

This page was built by Lens Digital, a Web Design / SEO agency based in Ascot, Berkshire, home of the famous racecourse and its iconic meeting, Royal Ascot.

The sole purpose of this page is to showcase their skill in ranking a web page for a specific search term, in this case “London SEO”.

Everything on this page has been optimised for that search term including images, titles and content.

Only legitimate “white hat” search engine optimisation techniques have been used. We don’t believe in and have never used any black hat techniques.

Do you want a free
SEO consultation ?

We believe in the power of SEO to help improve the traffic to your website and to grow your business.

We offer a free SEO consultation where we take a look at your website and come back with a plan of how we can help improve it.

We have a wide range of SEO packages suitable for all sizes of businesses.