Lacking An Online Presence?

Recently, it has become more important to ensure that your business has an online presence. More and more consumers will not do business with companies that they cannot find online. Even then, if they can’t find a phone number, address or store hours, they will probably go to someone else. Your website is your shop window.

Some businesses avoid having a website by their use of social media, for example, by having a Facebook page. The problem with this is that you don’t own anything on any of your social media platforms. The plug can be pulled on them at any moment.

Even a one-page website is better than none.

Our Solution – Fixed Price Websites

There is a perception that having a website built is complex and expensive. This is the reason that we have introduced our fixed price website. By having a defined structure and fixed cost, it removes the obstacles to getting your business online quickly and to budget.

Our professional websites are built using WordPress which powers 30% of the World Wide Web. WordPress is a powerful, flexible platform which enables your website to develop and grow alongside your business.

The structure of our fixed price websites is as follows;

All of our fixed price websites offer;

The price for all of the above is £200. This does not include domain name and hosting for which you are free to choose your own provider. Additional sections such as gallery can be added for £50 per section.

We also build fully flexible websites, designed to meet your exact requirements. The cost of these is dependant on your needs. More information can be found on our Custom Website page.

Get in touch today to see how we can get your business online.