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Our website power hour can help. During an hour-long online consultation, we talk about your website challenges and devise a plan that you and your team can implement.

Website Power Hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Website Power Hour FAQs

What is a Website Power Hour?

A website power hour is an online call where we discuss any issues or challenges you have with your website. Someone on the outside who can look in and help you move forward.

What can be discussed during hour?

Anything you want. In fact, you don’t even need to come to the power hour with a specific issue. We can just do a walk through of your website and we can share our thoughts on improvements that can be made.

Who is a Website Power Hour suitable for?

Virtually anyone. Whether you are a business who built their own website or a company with an inhouse web designer, we can help. We provide a different viewpoint to help you move your website forward.

Why only one hour?

An hour is a good amount of time to focus on one issue. We are not directly trying to fix the issue during the hour – we are coming up with a plan to resolve it.

Can I book a follow-up Website Power Hour?

Absolutely, you could book another power hour to discuss a different issue or review the changes that have been made as part of a previous power hour.

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