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A lot of SEO solutions are based on the one size fits all, the large monthly payments seem to suit the SEO Agency more than the client. This is beyond the budget of most businesses. What they need are SEO services that grow as they business grows.

At Lens Digital, our SEO services are designed with the size of business (and their budget) in mind. We work with you to empower you to make the SEO changes to YOUR website. After all, no-one knows your business better than you do.

Our SEO Strategy

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO Audit

Good SEO starts with a well structured website. We offer a technical SEO audit to get the most from your website and to work out where improvements can be made..

SEO Content Audit - Lens Digital, Ascot, Berkshire

SEO Content Creation

Our Content Creation team will work with you to produce SEO optimised website content and blog posts.

Custom SEO Strategy

Custom SEO Strategy

We work with your business to understand your SEO needs and then we build a SEO strategy to help improve your rankings.

SEO Content Audit - Lens Digital, Ascot, Berkshire

Backlink Creation

We create high quality backlinks to help increase the value and importance of your website to the search engines.

Our SEO Methods Work

At Lens Digital, we practise what we preach. We applied our SEO process to our own website and our ranking went from the bottom of page 3 (#29) to position 3 in less than one month.

SEO Google Search Results
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Using our database of backlinks, we have submitted our site to a number of directories; local, national and industry specific. This has meant that we have increased the number of backlinks to the website which in turns has helped us to raise the sites’ domain authority.

SEO Backlink Progress

The key to our method is that they are structured and repeatable for any client. We will work with you to identify the keywords that you want to rank for and then implement our SEO solution.

SEO Services

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO doesn’t focus on the content but ensures that the structure of the website follows SEO best practise and that the pages are laid out in the optimal way.

Our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit includes a review of the following;

At the end of the audit, we will produce a report detailing our findings and any recommendations  for changes that can be made. Depending on your requirements, you can make the changes yourself or if you have a WordPress website, then we can make the changes for you.

Custom SEO Strategy

Our custom SEO strategy is our full end-to-end SEO service. We undertake a full analysis of your website and put together a plan that will help boost your website traffic and increase your website ranking. 

The plans normally run for a minimum of six months. The first month is normally spent setting up the monitoring tools and bench marking the current keywords / traffic. From month 2, we start to make the incremental changes so that we can measure the effectiveness of any change. Each month, we produce a report detailing the work we have completed, ranking data and the plan for the next month.

Backlink Creation

Backlinks are incoming links to your website. There are important as they help give your website “authority” and thus increase your search engine ranking. When it comes to backlink creation, it is important that it is done properly as a bad strategy can do more harm than good.  Using our database, we aim to increase the number of backlinks to your site by submitting it to a number of online directories. These directories have all been vetted to ensure they are legitimate and will benefit your site. Our database covers both national and local directories and some covering specific industries.

What Our SEO Clients Say

We love helping our customers to grow their business whether it is by web design, SEO or WordPress maintenance. We love it even more when they leave us some feedback. All of our reviews can be seen on our Google My Business profile.


Andrew and the Lens team did a great job with our SEO. We needed a simple 'how to' guide to improving our SEO (from a starting position of zero!). He looked through my website functions to recommend what to do and wrote a proposal giving me suggestions in stages, which was really helpful. His rates were decent too!

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Our Other Services

Responsive Web Design - Lens Digital, Ascot, Berkshire

Website Design

Whatever your requirements for your website, we can help; whether it is a new design or a revamp.

Content Creation- Lens Digital, Ascot, Berkshire


Our copywriters can create SEO friendly web page and blog content to help keep your visitors engaged.

WordPress Maintenance- Lens Digital, Ascot, Berkshire


Need one-off help with your WordPress website or perhaps regular monthly support. We can help you