10 Sources of Web Design Inspiration

10 Sources of Web Design Inspiration 1

Web Design Inspiration When we are approached to build a website, we always ask the client if they have a company style guide. For our smaller clients, they don’t generally have this so we ask if they have any web design inspiration that they would like included in their website. We have listed below our […]

How To Choose A Web Designer

How to choose a web designer

Recently, on a Facebook group, someone posed the question; “How do you choose a web designer / developer?” As a web design agency, we chipped in with some suggestions on the factors that could influence a decision. I thought I would share them; Do you want to work with someone local or remote? Is cost […]

What Does Your Web Designer Include In Your Website?

WordPress Website

Web design is about more than just the website. When you think about a website, you generally think about the part you can see, the user interface. However, there are more features to a website than just the UI. When you engage with Lens Digital to¬†design and build you a website, we don’t just deliver […]

10 Questions to Ask Before You Redesign Your Website

Revamp your website

You have decided that your website needs a ‘redesign’ but have you sat down and thought about the specific reasons why? We are often contacted by companies who are after a redesign of their website but who have no clear vision of what they want. We have listed a set of questions we ask to […]

When Did You Last Review Your Website?

Reviewing Your Website

When was the last time you did a review your website? No, a proper review, not just a quick check. Have you checked how people are interacting with it? Are they using the website in ways that you intended? What are the popular pages? It is important to take time to review how users are […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Website

Getting the Most Out of Your Website 4

After a recent business network event, I was contacted by someone I had met who wanted me to have a look at their website with a view to doing a redesign. In 10 minutes, I had filled my notebook with a list of improvements that could be made to the site. A lot of these […]

Why Update Your WordPress Plugins?

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins allow you to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website. With over 50,000 to choose from, there is plenty on offer. However, it is important that you keep them updated. In this post, we discuss the reasons why and then how to update them.

How we improved a WordPress website page load time

WordPress Performance Improvements

Recently, we were contacted by a client who wanted us to review their WordPress website. We undertook a full site audit and found that one of the main issues was the page load speed of the site. The site was taking nearly 4 seconds to load with a page size of over 3mb. As Google […]