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Web design is about more than just the website. When you think about a website, you generally think about the part you can see, the user interface. However, there are more features to a website than just the UI.

When you engage with Lens Digital for our web design services, we don’t just deliver you a website – we deliver a website package.

The following are all included as standard with every website that we build – no matter how big (or small) the website;


WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that powers over 30% of the world wide web – that’s 75 million websites.

WordPress - Content Management System

Responsive Web Design

The latest statistics from Statcounter, the web traffic analysis company, shows that over 50% of web browsing is done on Mobile devices.

Responsive Web Design

Every website we build is tested on a range of tools and devices to ensure that it can be displayed across as many as possible without any issues.

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

There is no point in having a website if it can’t be found. Our SEO helps to tune every web page to ensure that it is as ‘search engine friendly’ as possible. This includes, but is not limited to, the layout of the page, images and title / description.

We use a range of tools such as SEO Minion to dig behind the page to ensure that any page is fully optimised.

SEO Minion


Website page load speed is one of the factors that Google uses to rank your site. The optimal time is not known but it is believed to be sub 2 seconds. Using tools like GTMetrix, we are able to find out any bottlenecks that slow down a website.

WordPress Performance Improvements

If you already have a WordPress website, then we can review your site and make performance improvements.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics (GA) is the industry standard when it comes to website statistics. We install GA so that you are able to see how the visitors are using your website and where they visited from.

Google Analytics

Don’t worry if you are not familiar with Google Analytics, they offer an academy with lots of free training from beginner through to advanced.

Google Analytics Academy


Websites are regularly targeted by hackers, especially WordPress websites. Small businesses tend to believe that only big companies are targeted by hackers, however a lot of the attacks are automated and whilst not specifically targeting your business, they are casting the net wide to find suitable catches.

WordFence is a WordPress security plugin that offers level of protection that will deter most attacks.

Wordfence Security Plugin


Over the years, we have had too many bad experiences due to a lack of backups. Now, we make sure that every website has Updraft Plus installed and setup for offsite backups. This ensures that should there be a problem, the website can be restored quickly and easily.

Updraft Plus - WordPress Backups

Updraft Plus offsite locations

We schedule backups to run at regular intervals (normally daily) to give you a restore point should anything go wrong.

If, for added security, you want to backup to two different locations, then the Premium version of Updraft Plus enables this.

Access To Your Own Website

Last but not least, you get full admin access to your own website.

We have seen lots of examples where people have lots contact with their web designer and no longer have access to their own website. We create an Admin user for you which gives you full control of your own website.

Don’t worry, this is just in case of emergencies. We do it so that you have piece of mind.

Not All Websites Are Created Equal

As you can see, not all websites are equal. There is more to building a website than what your customers see.

If you are looking to have a website built for your business, then do get in touch. If you already have a WordPress website, don’t worry we can help to ensure that it is updated to include all of the above items.

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