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Founded in 2000, Moonfruit is a responsive website builder, owned by Yell. It claims you can “create a beautiful responsive website in a matter of minutes.” Their packages start from approx. £5 per month. I can’t find any details usage figures but one report said that they had approx. 5 million clients and were the UKs largest website builder.

Moonfruit Website

The service has not been without issues. In December 2015, they were subject to a cyber attack which took the websites offline for up to 12 hours. Late 2020, they were affected by the decision by Adobe to retire Flash Player and clients had issues editing their websites.

Their Trustpilot score is 1.4 / 5 with 26% of the reviews rating them as “bad”. Comments from their clients include “The Customer service is USELESS”, “Since flash going Moonfruit has has gone from once good 10 years ago to reasonably awkward to useless.” and “my business relies on Moonfruit and has been let down”.

Good Bye Moonfruit, Hello Wix

Moonfruit have announced that the service will be decommissioned by the end of 2021 and for clients who continue their subscription, they will be migrated to Wix. The reason for this is due to the decommissioning of Adobe Flash Player and that Moonfruit have partnered with Wix. Moonfruit client websites will start to be migrated from August 2021.

Who are Wix?

Wix is a website builder founded in 2006. They claim to have over 200 million users in 190 countries. Their packages start from £3 a month but those carry adverts. The most popular package is £8.50 per month. However, you will find this cost going up if you want to add extra functionality such as eCommerce.

Wix has not been immune to criticism themselves. With Wix, they are both the website builder and the host. If you decide that you want to migrate to another platform then you would have to rebuild your website and migrate to another host. In the past, there has been a lot of criticism about Wix and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). They have invested heavily in that and it is improving.

Wix, as a platform, is a good way to get your business online but it lacks some of the flexibility of some of the other platforms.

Unhappy With Moonfruit?

Our Small Business Website package is ideal if you are looking to move your website across from Moonfruit.

Built using WordPress, you can have a custom built 5 page website for only £750. We build all website to the same high quality and include offsite backups, Google Analytics, security and basic SEO with every website. 

We have an onboarding guide which makes the process of building your website pain free. The guide asks a series of questions which helps to collect all of the content required to build your website. 

Below is an example of a Small Business website we built alongside the feedback from our client;

Hallmark Plumbing and Heating
Hallmark Plumbing and Heating
Hallmark Plumbing and Heating - Review

Talk to us today

If you are a Moonfruit client and want to explore the various options before you are migrated to Wix, then we would love to have a no-obligation chat with you.

We take time to understand our clients business and what they require from their website. If you are unsure of any of the detail, we have a client onboarding guide which helps guide you through the common sections of a website and the information we need to build your website.


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